Project Description

On this trek, you get to climb to the top of the striking bare peak of the Paramillo del Quindio standing at 4,760m. Previously known as the Nevado del Quindio, it no longer has snow but is as majestic as ever. From the top, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of all three remaining snow-capped volcanoes: Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado Santa Isabel and Nevado del Tolima.


Length: 3 days/2 nights

Total kilometers: 37km

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Min. Altitude: 2,300m

Max. Altitude: 4,760m



Day 1: Drive 20 minutes in a Willys Jeep from Salento to Valle de Cocora (2,300m) and start uphill hike to Finca La Argentina (3,400m).

9km /6 to 7 hours. Highest point: 3,400m.


Day 2: Finca La Argentina (3,400m) to Finca La Primavera (3,680m) via the top of the Paramillo del Quindio (4,760m).

12km/9 to 10 hours. Highest point: 4,760m.


Day 3: Finca La Primavera (3,680m) to Valle de Cocora (2,300m).

16km/6 hours. Highest point: 3,800m.